We Know a Thing or Two About Fire Alarms

As former firefighters, we're experts in fire alarm installation in Chapel Hill, NC

The last thing you need in a fire-related emergency is a fire alarm that's faulty or poorly placed. That's why True Alarms Inc. of Chapel Hill, NC offers expert fire alarm installation in Chapel Hill and the Triangle. We use our experience as firefighters, along with our training and industry knowledge, to give you reliable fire alarm installation services. You can count on us to install fire alarms that function well, suit your building's layout and help keep you safe.

We're prepared to install fire alarms in homes and commercial fire alarm systems in business facilities. To schedule an installation, call 919-928-6568 today.

Fire Alarms, Chapel Hill, NC

What to expect from your fire alarm installation

When you reach out to us for fire alarm installation services, we'll schedule an appointment that works for you. Then, we'll install the appropriate fire alarms, such as top-quality Honeywell Silent Knight products.

We'll make sure that you're completely informed about how everything works, whether we've installed simple home fire alarms or complex commercial fire alarm systems. You'll learn how to use a 24-hour monitoring service with your alarms. Finally, we'll schedule annual testing to make sure your system stays reliable, year after year.