Automate Your Home

Automate Your Home

Set up home automation systems in Chapel Hill, NC

Imagine opening the door to your home in the evening to find that the lights are on, the air temperature is just right and your audio and video systems are queued up and ready to use. All this has been done for you automatically.

In your workplace or at your home, automation systems can make this happen. True Alarms Inc. In Chapel Hill, NC designs business and home automation systems to meet your needs. We can arrange to automate your:

  • Control systems
  • Thermostats
  • Televisions
  • Video displays
  • Projectors
  • Video conferencing setups
  • Surround Sound
  • Multi-room Audio
  • Smart boards
Your home automation setup can be simple and targeted or comprehensive. We can help you add new features to an existing system with services like a smart thermostat installation. Your systems will be convenient and easy to use, too. We'll show you how to use them like a pro. We can also include any audio or video networking that you need to incorporate.

We don't just provide smart thermostat installation and smart lighting. We'll set you up with audio and video networking, too. We're prepared to automate media rooms, audio systems, smart televisions and more at your home or business.

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