You Choose Who Can Enter Your Commercial Building

Install an access control system in Chapel Hill, NC

When you own a commercial facility, you want to make sure that your inventory and confidential information remain secure. Most importantly, you want to keep your workplace safe from unauthorized intruders.

To keep your building secure, consider installing an access control system. If your facility is in the Chapel Hill, NC area, call True Alarms Inc. at 919-928-6568 today.

How do you want your system to work?

How do you want your system to work?

We'll create a customized access control system that meets your needs. It can include:

  • Key card scanners
  • Key fob scanners
  • Biometric scanners
  • Door locking systems
  • Tracking systems
  • Employee check-in systems
  • Role-based access control systems
We can install a system that's as simple as a smart-locked door for a shop, or as specialized as a role-based access control setup for a technology company. Your expertly installed system will keep uninvited guests out. Your inventory, data and workspace will be safe from intruders.